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Our WordPress maintenance plans are designed to help businesses of all sizes. We offer tailored, professional plans at attractive rates, ensuring your website stays secure and maintained.

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Keeping your website in good condition, updated regularly, error-free creates a much better user experience & improves performance which leads to more sales and enquiries.

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Regular updates of WordPress plugins, security, and third-party integrations are crucial for maintaining a secure and stable website. By undertaking these updates monthly or bi-monthly, and following best practices in a safe and controlled environment, you can ensure that your website remains protected from potential vulnerabilities and exploits.

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By combining automated checks, manual assessments, up-time monitoring, and Search Console monitoring, you can establish a robust security protocol for your WordPress website. This multi-layered approach minimises the risk of security breaches, protects user data, and ensures a safe online experience for your visitors.

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The benefits of ongoing optimisation extend beyond user satisfaction to improved SEO, higher conversion rates, and a competitive advantage in the online marketplace. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses and individuals to prioritise ongoing WordPress performance and speed optimisation to stay ahead in the digital world.

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At everything creative, we offer comprehensive maintenance plans that can be customised to suit your budget and requirements. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure that your WordPress site remains in top condition, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

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You have the flexibility to change your WordPress maintenance plan on a monthly basis. We believe that by giving you the freedom and control, we can build a strong and trusting relationship. So, let us assist you in achieving your goals while you remain in complete control.

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Other agencies may provide WordPress maintenance services, but choosing to partner with us offers you more benefits. Our small team is dedicated to providing you with valuable advice and knowledge without any additional charges. Consider this as a unique perk that sets us apart from other agencies.

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What is WordPress maintenance?

It’s very important your WordPress website just like any other CMS is kept up-to-date and maintained to avoid downtime or slow performance. A WordPress maintenance company like us will regularly update plugins and oversee essential WordPress security updates, all within a safe and backed-up environment. Additionally there are numerous other checks we undertake to ensure the websites we look after are safe, optimised and monitored.

Do we need WordPress maintenance?

WordPress maintenance is vital because it helps ensure that your website is secure, up-to-date, and running smoothly. Failing to maintain your WordPress site properly can lead to various problems, including security vulnerabilities, broken features, and poor user experience.

Will we be tied into a WordPress maintenance plan?

No, we don’t tie our clients in with WordPress support contracts. Flexibility is at the heart of everything we do, so if you wanted to stop the maintenance or tweak the frequency at any time you’re free to do so. This is managed on a month by month basis.

How much will maintenance cost?

The cost for WordPress maintenance varies dependent on the size of your website, requirement and budget. We’re very good at providing solutions that fit all these factors, so if you’re interested in our regular maintenance just contact us and we’ll provide a quote.

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