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Event Lead Capture.

Whether you're hosting or attending a exhibition trade show or event, our software and platform allows you to collect, qualify, and follow up on leads. ec's lead scanning system helps you help exhibitors improve ROI and capture, qualify, and rate leads they engage with easily. As an event organizer, you're responsible for ensuring your exhibitors get a positive return on investment. We provide a single solution for all your mobile lead capture needs, from international exhibitions and trade shows to small networking events.

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The benefits of lead scanning.

Use any device connected to the internet to scan QR codes to check attendees in. Use the device's integrated camera to scan QR codes. No need for fancy scanners or hardware. EC's attendee's lead scan works with any device.

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Capture & qualify leads

You can now offer exhibitors the ability to scan, qualify, and rate leads they engage with at your event. No more handwriting notes on business cards and manually entering contact information.

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Effective follow-ups

Exhibitors can quickly prioritise the best leads for their sales team by creating custom qualification questions. With ec's platform you can import leads directly through your CRM such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo and more. This allows for easy post-event follow-ups and keeps everything in one place.

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ROI of your event

The exhibitors will have full access to lead count and quality, and can determine how much business was closed and will be closed as a result of the event.

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What is event lead scanning?

Event lead scanning is an automated technology that helps businesses identify potential customers at events. It captures contact information including name, email, and company, as well as information about their interests and demographic information. This allows businesses to build relationships with potential customers before, during, and after events.

Can I export my leads to a CRM or other database?

Yes, ec allows for easy export of leads from your exhibition or event from the platform to your CRM.

How much does lead scanning cost?

ec includes this within your exhibition or event costs for the lead scanning feature. It comes with the package for the entire event.

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