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Digital Printing Service.

Digital printing is a fast, cost-effective way to print a wide range of documents, from business cards to brochures. It has the added benefit of being able to produce small quantities of prints quickly, making it a great option for businesses that need to print small orders.

Our team of experienced professionals are available to provide advice and support to ensure our customers receive the best printing services. We guarantee satisfaction with our services and are committed to providing the highest quality of service.

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The benefits of digital printing.

The ec team provides a complete package from concept to delivery, leveraging our expertise and experience. Including KPI tracking is part of our service, so you can make sure your campaign succeeds.


There are fewer setup expenses, which reduces overall costs. All we need is a PDF document of your print design that can be sent to our digital presses. Before beginning the job, we'll provide a free test copy for your approval.


Sharper images and better designs are produced by digital presses using high-quality toners and liquid ink. In our Indigo press, for example, we use ElectroInk, a liquid ink with smaller particles that produces vibrant, clear images. You can easily tweak your printing project with digital printing to get the results you want!


The digital print file you approve goes directly to the printing stage, effectively creating your printing project once you have approved your PDF proof. Once saved, this file can be used again, with or without revisions, and will maintain the consistency of past projects. The quality of prints can be repeated with outstanding accuracy because digitally calibrated presses are available.

Fast Turnaround

The advantages of digital printing are quick turnaround times and the ability to produce finished products whenever needed. Digital printing can produce same-day turnarounds for fast solutions. By eliminating plates and make-readies, you can reduce production time. Your prints can be readily available faster than they would otherwise be by eliminating these costly preparations.

Eco / Greener Printing Method

Due to the digital printing process, we are able to skip the plating process and we are able to use less equipment and materials, thus reducing our carbon footprint. This process allows us to produce products faster and with higher quality than traditional printing methods. It also allows us to be more flexible in our design and production, which is beneficial for our customers.

Easy customisation

There are no set-in-stone plates and designs with digital printing, which makes it flexible and valuable. It is easy to revise and change digital items between batches without much hassle.

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What is direct mail printing?

A direct mail campaign promotes a product or service through the use of printed marketing materials, which are posted directly to businesses and consumers. These campaigns allow businesses to target specific audiences with personalised messages, as well as track the responses of the recipients. Direct mail campaigns are also relatively inexpensive and can reach a wide audience.

How often should I do direct mail marketing?

Top Google search results suggest sending direct mail to the same audience three times over a 21-day period to get the best response. This is because direct mail requires multiple exposures to be effective and people are more likely to take action if they see it multiple times. Additionally, direct mail is more effective when sent over a longer period of time because it allows recipients to take the time to consider and respond to it.

Does direct mail printing work anymore?

Yes, absolutely. Across all demographics, consumers respond to direct mail because the brain simply cannot resist it. Consumer behavior and decision-making are influenced by the physical action of holding print advertising, according to neuroscience research.

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