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ec is a digital consultancy that provides creative services such as branding, advertising, graphic design, web design, and other creative services to businesses and organisations. We help companies develop and implement creative strategies that will help them achieve their goals.

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Our vision as creative consultants is to create experiences, products and businesses that disrupt the status quo, win hearts and shape the future. Find out how we work.

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ec helps to craft and deliver creative strategies to ensure the best experience possible. We help clients to uncover their unique identities and translate their mission into tangible results. Our digital strategy consultants works to create memorable experiences for customers, employees, and partners.

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We will provide a creative consultant to collaborate and create powerful, flexible brand platforms that futureproof brands and ensure they stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. We ensure that our solutions are integrated across disciplines and channels, creating coherent experiences that are both memorable and engaging.

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Our designs create a sense of belonging and connection between people, and our work has been recognised for its contribution to the community. We are committed to making spaces that generate positive feelings and lasting memories.

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What does a creative consultant do?

A creative consultant provides assistance with screenplays, advertising campaigns, and other sales-related projects. It is the job of a creative consultant to balance the commercial viability of a project with the goals of the writer or creative elements of the project.

What is a creative consulting agency?

Using creative strategies, digital consultancy helps businesses attract new audiences or retain existing ones. In order to ensure that their strategies have the best chance of success, they use client data and market research.

What does a creative consultancy do?

Creative consultants advise clients on how to improve their books, films, or products, how to promote their projects, or how to overcome any obstacles they may encounter with an artistic eye and knowledge of creative industries.

What is the difference between creative agency and consultancy?

A marketing agency works on your company's behalf when you hire them. Consultants bring advice and guidance to your marketing efforts, which you and your team take advantage of.

Build brands and grow businesses

We’ll work with you to create a compelling brand experience whether that’s traditional or digital. As a 360 agency we love to know what makes your brand tick. And by getting to know your brand, we can develop creative solutions that work across media and across multiple touchpoints.

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