Creating engaging and original brands

In today’s world, marketing teams must communicate in an honest, clear and original way. To solve communication challenges for our clients, we combine our creativity with our technical expertise. The result is that they are able to connect with their customers, grow their business, and achieve their goals. ec is a creative agency and has been helping businesses like yours succeed for 25 years with branding, marketing, campaign planning, and bespoke websites, all delivered with style and personality.

Regardless of the scale, our approach is always the same; passionate, open-minded and striving to deliver a unique, compelling perspective.

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Creative Consultancy

We help you to evolve and your brand to resonate with your customers – reflecting who you are and what makes you special. Our creative consultancy helps your sales and marketing work together to target the right prospects and develop key customer relationships.

We’ll equip your sales team with the tools to explain what you do, sell to prospects, and upsell more to your current customers. Your sales team will love the kind of demand generation strategies we develop: those that create good leads and make your marketing budget work harder.

By helping you develop your proposition and messaging, we’ll help you stand out from the competition and find out what motivates and drives your customers about your brand, products and services. By turning data into insights you can use to make real decisions, we’ll create a brand that’s clear and compelling.

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Brand Identity

Having a strong brand identity is essential to helping you stand out from your competitors and to let your customers know who you are and why they should buy from you. EC’s branding agency team will help you make your brand memorable and make sure it stands out from the crowd.

Your brand is more than just a logo. It is your visual identity, your communications, and your customer experience that convey rational and emotional perceptions about your company.

Our creative agency brand strategists identify the experience you want to give your customers and the story you want to tell, then digital designers bring it to life online and in print.

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Brand Audit
A brand audit is a process of evaluating an organization's brand performance and positioning in the marketplace. It helps to identify potential areas of improvement and can be used as a benchmark to measure the success of a brand over time.
Reverse Brief
A reverse brief is a creative process where the goal is defined first, followed by the development of a strategy to achieve that goal. It is a way to ensure that the creative outcome is aligned with the desired objectives. It also helps to focus on the end goal instead of getting lost in the details of the creative process.
Brand Strategy
A brand strategy is a plan of action that helps businesses create and maintain a strong and recognizable brand. It involves creating a unique identity, setting goals, and developing a plan to achieve those goals. It is a roadmap for success that can help businesses stand out from the competition and increase their customer base.
Brand Identity
Brand identity is the visual representation of a brand. It incorporates elements such as logo, color scheme, typography, and other visuals to create a unique and recognizable look. Brand identity is used to create an emotional connection between a company and its customers.
Brand Messaging
Brand messaging is the process of communicating the core values and purpose of a brand to customers and potential customers. This messaging should be consistent across all channels of communication and should be tailored to the target audience. It should also be memorable and evoke an emotional response.


To ensure that we deliver the best possible digital platform for you that respects your customers and gives them the experience they expect, we create prototypes and wireframes through various fidelity levels. As a digital creative agency our platform design process consists of sketching concepts, reviewing designs and refining them based on the fidelity levels of our prototypes.

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Wireframe to show step by step guides for users on an app
Wireframe to show how users book themselves in on an app
Wireframe to show how users can track their activity in on an app
Ipads displaying different graph data
Wireframe to show how users book hotels in on an app
Wireframe to show how users book themselves in on an app
Wireframe to show how users can order food on an app

User Experience

As a creative design agency, we create and design beautiful user interfaces and experiences. By investing in improving web, mobile and website apps, market leaders consistently accelerate ahead of their competitors. Improving the UI and UX of a product increases customer satisfaction and product value.

UX / UI Design
In order to improve the user experience and user interface of digital products, we work with product and development teams in established businesses, enterprise organisations, and funded start-ups. There is typically an existing digital product in our clients' hands. Sometimes, this product has existed for years, and other times, a minimum viable product may only have just been introduced.
Front-end Development
Our clients often have their own development resources, but with skills set often focused on the back-end and competing priorities, they find that our expert front-end development team can deliver high-quality work more quickly. Your front-end development can be handled by us, and we'll work hand-in-hand with your internal development team to ensure knowledge transfer.
Digital Product Innovation
Retainers provide you with the resources you need, when you need them. It is common for Product Managers and Technical Directors we work with to manage a variety of internal stakeholders while juggling a huge workload. In many cases, internal design and development teams are already overloaded with work, and marketing and product teams have competing priorities. Bringing in senior, experienced professionals who can advocate best practice and make great things happen is our role.
CRM Interface Design
Businesses struggle to adopt CRM systems because the systems are slow, difficult to use, and overburdening. Before you know it, teams create workarounds outside of the system and the problems become permanent. We can work with your product, development and customer service teams to increase adoption and customer satisfaction levels, regardless of whether your system was built internally or was delivered through software such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.
UX Website Design
We deliver results for both lead generation and transactional websites, but many of our clients are in the eCommerce space. Using aggregate data from our years of experience, we analyze user behavior and rankings and identify pain points and provide pivotal insights to improve the current user flow. This allows us to deliver more value than siloed approaches would allow.
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Content Design & Creation

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Creating great content marketing will turn your customers into passionate fans of your business. Creating poor content marketing will simply fill people’s inboxes with more junk.

Content marketing is the process of producing, publishing, and sharing useful information with your customers without proposing to sell to them.

The concept of content marketing has been around for decades, but with the internet and a wider range of choices for consumers, it’s becoming an essential marketing tool.

From engaging video, animations, and illustrations that people enjoy watching to copywriting that people enjoy reading, EC doesn’t just create content. We create valuable content that people want.

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