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It's no secret that your packaging is often your first and last chance to sell. When it comes to packaging, a lot depends on how well it performs. To persuade a consumer to buy your product, packaging design must succeed at multiple stages. The first thing it needs to do is catch the eye of passersby, then clearly explain what the product is, why they should care, why it is better than the one next to it, and finally, give them a reason to buy your product. We are unique from other packaging design companies, we can also print the product, so we have the experience and knowledge of what can work for your product and brand.

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what types of packaging materials to consider.

Packaging plays an increasingly important role today. It must not only preserve and protect a product, but also connect emotionally with customers and leave a lasting impression.


Packaging materials made from paper are arguably the most popular in manufacturing and distribution. Due to its eco-friendliness, functionality, flexibility, and easy design capabilities, paper is so attractive. SBS (solid bleached sulfate) paperboard, kraft paper, or rigid boxes are examples of paper packaging.


Corrugated boxes and cardboard boxes are the same thing. This is due to the fact that they are made from multilayered paper, which ensures excellent structural stability. There are three layers in cardboard: the inner layer, the corrugated layer, and the outer layer. In addition to providing rigidity, insulation, and strength, the corrugated layer (also known as the fluted medium) makes cardboard such an ideal packaging material.


Because of the superior ability of glass to preserve the flavour and freshness of the items it contains, it has been used for centuries as a packaging medium. Glass packaging is also beautiful and gives your product a premium appearance. As an added bonus, it's environmentally friendly, easy to recycle, and completely recyclable.


Bioplastics are eco-friendly alternatives to polyethylene-based packaging. Corn, sugarcane, beets, and other plant-based materials are used in the manufacture of these products. The biodegradable nature of these plastics allows them to decompose naturally in landfills, unlike plastics made from oil or natural gas. This also allows businesses to create eco-friendly merchandise for their customers and events.

Recycled plastic

Plastic that has been recycled is much better for the environment than plastic that has been virgin. By recycling plastic, we prevent it from entering the plastic waste pile that pollutes our oceans. 100% recycled materials should be used in the manufacture of recycled plastic. Custom Poly Mailers and Recycled Mailers are made using recycled plastics in circulation and come with a second adhesive strip for reuse. Their durable and weather-proof construction makes them ideal for any outdoor use. Custom Poly Mailers can be customized on both sides with your brand logo or design.

Plant-based packaging

Plant-based packaging is a more sustainable alternative to traditional plastic packaging. It is made of renewable materials and is biodegradable. It is also lightweight and low in costs. Plant-based packaging is also more aesthetically pleasing than traditional plastic packaging. It is also more flexible and can be made into different shapes and designs.

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What is packaging design and why is it important?

The packaging you use represents your brand physically. The packaging of your product is not just a functional piece of design intended to house and protect the contents. It also helps your product stand out using different techniques including packaging format, graphics, tone of voice, print finishes, and more.

What are the deliverables for a packaging design project?

Packaging projects typically deliver: a design system conceptualised across multiple product ranges or SKUs, a complete packaging design (front, side, and back of package), and final artwork ready for printing. 

How long does a packaging design project take to deliver?

Packaging projects usually take between 2-3 months, but can take longer depending on the size, number of scopes, complexity of design, feedback response times, or layers of decision-makers. 

How much does a packaging project cost?

Due to the fact that every project is different, we tailor our services to fit your budget and needs. To ensure you get the most out of the project within your budget, we always share our recommendations with you before agreeing to a project price.

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