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Even if you can't all be together, you can still connect with your team and prospects with interactive polls, live feedback/Q&A sessions, etc. Furthermore, it has big environmental benefits as you don't have to fly - no matter where you are in the world - to be together at the same time.

We design, build (physically and digitally), coordinate, deliver analytics and trackable ROI, resulting in greater reach and lower costs.

Due to this, hybrid and virtual events have not only experienced a surge in adoption but have also seen great success. Learn how to leverage the attitudes, objectives, and priorities of the marketing industry by downloading our in-depth report based on a global in-depth study.

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The benefits of hybrid events.

Hybrid events are meetings, conferences, workshops and even trade shows that combine a live, in-person audience at a venue and a virtual audience that joins in via a virtual conferencing platform. Take a look at the benefits of hybrid events below:

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Increased audience reach

With the virtual element of your hybrid event you have the potential to reach a far broader audience online. Individuals that would need to travel far to attend, or those new and unsure of the benefits of attending an event in person can sample your event virtually.

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Reduced environmental costs

While face-to-face meetings are still important, going hybrid is a great way to accommodate attendees who might feel guilty about travelling, and would rather reduce their personal carbon footprint. For businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact, hybrid events can be seen as a positive strategy and a step in the green direction.

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Reduced travel costs

Travelling to meetings and conferences can quickly add up as a significant business cost, resulting in one of the main reasons for your audience not making it there on the day. This can make it hard for businesses hosting events in more rural places outside of commercial centres. With hybrid events you can attract audiences from those big cities without the caveat of long distance of travel.

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Engagement metrics

Another benefit of hybrid events is the potential data insight your conferencing software can provide. Traditional events would use head counts and satisfaction surveys to identify audience engagement. With a hybrid event you can potentially measure engagement on their interactions throughout the event, helping to make improvements for the future. Plus once the event is over, all of the hybrid event content can be re-used for marketing purposes.

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Safer for social distancing

With hybrid events you can continue to reach the same audience event in times when large gatherings are not permitted. By facilitating a smaller live audience at your venue with the social distancing requirements in place, the remaining audience can join in and engage remotely. Always check that the venue has revised attendee capacities for social distancing or see if they have virtual tours to help scope out and create hybrid-friendly event layouts.

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Full managed service

At ec we can manage the complete hybrid event. From working on the physical event to creating the bespoke virtual platform for delegates to interact with. Whether your looking to promote at a Conference, workshop, and even a trade show we can combine an in-person audience with a virtual audience via virtual conferencing technology.

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What is a virtual event?

A virtual event is an interactive online experience, typically using video conferencing technology, that allows participants to engage with each other in real-time. It is typically used by businesses or organisations to connect with their target audience in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Can you brand your virtual event?

Yes, you can brand your virtual event. Here at ec we can build the virtual platform bespoke for your event. Additionally, you can add your brand colors and logos to virtual event features like registration pages all to the platform.

Can you use the virtual platform after the event?

Yes you can use the platform after the event to allow attendees to view content they were not able to see on the day. You can also connect with people via the platform, whether that be live chat or messaging.

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