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Eco-friendly merchandise refers to products that are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind. These items are made using sustainable materials and production methods that minimise their impact on the planet. By choosing eco-friendly merchandise, consumers can support businesses that prioritise sustainability and contribute to a greener future.

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The demand for eco-friendly merchandise has been growing in recent years, driven by increasing awareness of environmental issues and a desire to make more sustainable choices. Take a look below at some of our eco friendly merchandise that we can provide to clients.

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Recycled Business Cards

We provide recycled business cards for businesses that are looking to reduce their environmental footprint and promote sustainability.

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Recycled Flyers

Recycled flyers are printed materials made from recycled paper. They are eco-friendly and cost-effective. It is an effective way of promoting products and services while reducing environmental impact.

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Recycled Brochures

We print recycled brochures using a process that involves repurposing paper waste. The paper scraps are collected, sorted, and then processed into pulp. This pulp is then used to create new paper, which is used for printing the brochures.

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Eco-friendly Pull up Banners

Eco-friendly pull-up banners are made from sustainable materials such as recycled paper, organic cotton, or bamboo. By using these materials, your business can reduce your carbon footprint and minimise waste. Additionally, eco-friendly pull up banners are biodegradable, ensuring that they do not contribute to landfill pollution.

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Recycled Merchandise

ec provides eco-friendly merchandise for all your sustainable business needs. We can provide a variety of eco-friendly products from recycled brochures to cardboard exhibition stands.

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Recycled Exhibition Stands

Recycled exhibition stands offer a sustainable solution for businesses and organisations aiming to reduce their impact on the environment. Contact us today to get a quote.

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What is eco friendly merchandise?

eco-friendly merchandise encompasses products that are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind. These products aim to minimise waste, conserve energy, and reduce pollution, while also promoting the conservation of natural resources. By choosing eco-friendly merchandise, consumers can make a positive impact on the environment and support sustainable practices.

What products could be eco-friendly?

The demand for eco-friendly products continues to grow as consumers become more conscious of their environmental impact. Sustainable fashion, energy-efficient appliances, renewable energy solutions, and eco-friendly personal care products are just a few examples of products that can contribute to a greener future. By making informed choices and supporting eco-friendly alternatives, we can all play a part in preserving our planet for future generations.

Can printing be eco friendly?

Eco-friendly printing has made significant progress in finding alternative solutions to the use of eco-inks. With a focus on reducing environmental pollution, these alternatives utilise organic ingredients such as soy or vegetable in their production. One particular alternative, soy-based ink, has emerged as a fantastic option that effectively replicates the effects of petroleum-based inks, but without the detrimental impact on the environment.

Can exhibition stands be eco-friendly?

By choosing sustainable materials for exhibition stands, businesses and organisations can demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility. These materials not only reduce the carbon footprint associated with events but also showcase innovative and creative design solutions. As the demand for sustainable practices increases, the use of eco-friendly materials in exhibition stands will continue to gain momentum.

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