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Custom Influencer Packaging.

Our team at everything creative works closely with your brand to understand your target audience and brand identity. We then conceptualise unique packaging designs that align with your brand image and resonate with your target market. Through careful selection of materials, colours, and graphics, we create custom influencer packaging that not only makes a lasting impression but also enhances your brand's overall image.

Measuring the effectiveness of influencer packaging on brand image can be done through various methods. One way is to track social media engagement and the number of user-generated content related to the packaging. Additionally, conducting surveys or focus groups with your target audience can provide valuable insights into their perception of the packaging and its impact on their perception of the brand.

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Our recent projects.

Aldi were looking to promote their Easter campaign using a personalised influencer pack

Guinness were promoting their Nitrosurge campaign and were looking for a presentation box that wowed their audience

Cadbury were looking to promote their ‘Vote to keep my’ favourite Dairy Milk flavour with a personalised influencer box

Stella Artois send out these fantastic presentation boxes to a variety of influencers.

Green & Blacks were looking to promote their organic range, so we designed a bespoke presentation box for them to send out.

Our services include

Our team at everything creative not only manufactures beautiful presentation boxes, but also assists with the entire Influencer presentation process. Our in-house printing and box making facility will make this important part of your business seem effortless, while our experienced and talented team will source all of the contents for your presentations.

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Concept Design

We have an in-house creative team that can design your influencer packaging. Our team has experience in creating custom packaging that resonates with the influencers and their fans. We can work with you to design packaging that is eye-catching, memorable, and meets your brand's standards.

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In House Printing

We will print your influencer packaging in-house. This will ensure that your product stands out from the crowd and captures the attention of your target audience. We use the latest technology and the highest quality materials to ensure that all orders are printed quickly and accurately. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the finished product.

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In House Box Making

By producing your box in-house, we have complete control over every aspect of the process, from selecting the materials to the final inspection. This allows us to closely monitor and maintain the quality and standards, ensuring that your influencer packaging box meets your exact specifications and exceeds your expectations.

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Product Sourcing

We will product source your influencer packaging box. Our boxes are fully customisable and can be tailored to fit your brand's needs. We use only the highest quality materials and guarantee excellent craftsmanship. We can source both materials and contents within the box.

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Project management

We can coordinate with the influencer, create the design and artwork, source the materials, and handle the production. We will also manage the shipment and delivery process. Finally, we will provide after-sales support to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Direct Mailing service

We provide a direct mail service for your influencer packaging this ensures that your packages are delivered directly to the influencers, eliminating the risk of them getting lost or delayed in transit. It also streamlines the entire process, saving you time and effort in managing the logistics of sending out packages individually.

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What is Influencer Packaging?

Influencer packaging refers to the practice of collaborating with social media influencers to create customised packaging for products. This type of packaging helps to attract attention and create a unique brand experience for consumers. By leveraging the influence and reach of popular influencers, brands can tap into their loyal following and increase brand awareness, engagement, and ultimately, sales.

Can you help support our influencer social media campaign?

We can help support your social media campaign for your influencer packaging, the services we provide are designing engaging visuals, craft compelling copy and create personalised content to help boost your influencer packaging campaigns. Additionally, we can track the performance of your campaign to optimise it for better results.

How quickly can you create these influencer packaging campaigns?

The timeline for creating influencer packaging campaigns can vary depending on the complexity and scope of the project. However, on average, it typically takes between 4-6 weeks to fully develop and execute a successful influencer packaging campaign.

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