the challenge.

Organise, advertise and execute the Dropbox Business Partner Forum, in collaboration with the client, Dropbox, and all other relevant agencies. The conference day was split into morning and afternoon session with different target audiences, and different agendas and digital assets.

The venue had to fit both with Dropbox’s unique brand and workplace culture; comprising an innovative, laid-back style. However, the venue also needed to be able to host two events within one day, as well as scale up or down dependent registration figures for the events.

Blue & white Dropbox logo


By collaborating with both Dropbox and ec, the theme of “growth” was decided for the event, and a venue which suited this theme was sourced. All branded digital and printed assets reflected this theme and fed into planning the interior decorations, presentation deck, registration landing page and emails. Weekly meetings, along with venue visits with catering, event agency and ec turned the ideas into reality.

Using a combination of email and social media marketing, registrations were driven for both the morning and afternoon events, ensuring segmentation of audiences to deliver the correct messaging. Weekly reporting on performance allowed a methodical and reactive (when required) plan to increase the number of registrations.

Mockup of colourful dropbox store design
Colourful event stand build with a sofa
Dropbox website screenshot on Ipad
Dropbox website screenshot on Iphone
Dropbox website screenshot on Iphone
Mockup of exterior dropbox store design
Mockup of colourful dropbox store design with sofa
Illustration for a digital campaign

the event.

With current clients of Dropbox Business attending in the morning, prospective clients in the afternoon, and a crossover lunch between the two audiences, thorough planning was crucial for success. By attending a venue visit with both the catering team and event support agency prior to the day, roles and responsibilities of each party were clearly established.

ec managed the internal and external branding set-up, including all vinyls Attendees were also given branded collateral to take away, including a flower pot and chilli seeds in a fully event branded canvas bag. Onsite support was provided the day before to ensure correct conference layout, and on-hand project management throughout the day, coordinating event, venue and catering staff as required.

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